Property valuation built on independence, market knowledge and trust

Independent and professional valuation of property is the foundation of all successful property management.

It gives confidence during buying and selling, provides facts for decisions on expanding or limiting an engagement and is essential for fiscal evaluations.

With BRAUWEILER Immobilienbewertung und Beratung, you can rely on more than 20 years of success and experience. And you can benefit from an independent partner that is not subject to any third-party interests.

In addition, we place the utmost importance on the personal support of our clients. This also includes the reliability of the contact person as a requirement for trust.

Trust which we have earned over many years by holding true to clear values – with companies, insurers, funds, investment companies and much more. You can benefit from this too.



Good reasons for hiring an expert to value a property. Examples:

Buying | selling
You want to sell or acquire a property and require detailed information on the market and the property’s resulting value.

Renting | leasing
Your company would like to rent new premises or you would like to lease your premises. An expert report can inform you as to the sustainable rent that can be yielded from these premises.

Conversion | regeneration
The valuation of a property that can no longer be positioned on the market with the current use (e.g. a production area) as seen from a different perspective, can help you with the conversion.

Estate planning | inheritance | divorce
An example: You want to send a gift to your heirs or other persons in anticipation of your last will and testament. In order to do so, you also require an independent valuation report on your estate holdings for the equitable sharing of value.

You have an expert report that is already a few years old. However, for certain reasons you require the property’s current value.


Property valuation around the world

Over 200 towns and cities across Germany, several cities in 19 European countries including property valuations in North America, South America and Asia. Brauweiler Immobilienbewertung und Beratung is active in a total of 32 countries across the globe and is ready to provide you with onsite valuations and expert reports on properties across the world.

Bundesverband der Immobilien-Investment-Sachverständigen e.V.

Industrie- und Handelskammern Deutschland

Gesellschaft für Immobilien-
wirtschaftliche Forschung e.V.

Brauweiler Immobilienbewertung und Beratung fosters cooperation with experts from other fields of expertise. This cooperation offers us and our clients a comprehensive pool of know-how that we strategically use for comprehensive, objective valuations and estimations of properties.